Thick-billed Murres

CBird: Seabird Expert Group

CBird promotes, facilitates, and coordinates conservation, management and research activities and improves communication between scientists and managers.

The Circumpolar Seabird Expert Group (CBird) promotes, facilitates, and coordinates seabird conservation, management, research and monitoring among circumpolar countries, and improves communication between seabird scientists, Indigenous Knowledge (IK) holders, managers, and the public inside and outside the Arctic.

Populations of seabirds in the circumpolar region are large and diverse. Due to their migration across large areas of terrestrial, marine and coastal environments they serve as excellent indicators of overall ecosystem health.

Arctic countries often share the same seabird populations. Sixteen species of seabirds have circumpolar distributions while several other species are shared between two or more countries. Consequently, there is a joint and equal responsibility for the conservation of seabirds in and outside the Arctic. Arctic countries also share common stressors and threats to seabirds.

Traditionally, conservation, management, and research activities for seabirds in the Arctic have been poorly coordinated. Existing seabird groups are typically organized in a north-south manner and not in an east-west manner, resulting in a poorly coordinated circumpolar context.

CBird was a recognition that seabird conservation, management, and research activities could most effectively be achieved and harmonized by a multilateral approach of all Arctic countries. It was in this simple context that CBird was approved in 1993 within the organizational structure of CAFF.


  • To identify current and emerging seabird conservation, management, research, monitoring, and public outreach problems and opportunities in the Arctic and corresponding information and coordination needs
  • To facilitate exchanging and publishing seabird information of mutual interest to scientists and managers in the circumpolar countries
  • To facilitate harmonizing objectives, field methods and data analyses for similar studies of seabirds in the Arctic
  • To facilitate development and coordination of cooperative research and management projects and conservation plans for circumpolar seabirds of mutual concern in the Arctic
  • To promote and facilitate coordinating conservation initiatives for those Arctic seabirds that primarily winter outside the Arctic
  • To coordinate CBird initiatives with activities of other seabird groups as appropriate
  • To develop an integrated package of cooperative seabird activities or initiatives for the Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna annual work plan
  • Coordinate the CAFF Circumpolar Seabird Monitoring Network project.

CBird Work Plan

CBird activities are organized according to an annual work plan approved by the CAFF Board.

Seabird Monitoring

The Circumpolar Seabird Monitoring Plan is a coordinated circumpolar monitoring plan to:

  • monitor populations of selected Arctic seabird species, in one or more Arctic countries
  • monitor, as appropriate, survival, diets, breeding phenology, and productivity of seabirds in a manner that allows changes to be detected
  • provide circumpolar information on the status of seabirds to the management agencies of Arctic countries, in order to broaden their knowledge beyond the boundaries of their country thereby allowing management decisions to be made based on the best available information
  • inform the public through outreach mechanisms as appropriate
  • provide information on changes in the marine ecosystem by using seabirds as indicators
  • quickly identify areas or issue in the Arctic ecosystem such as declining biodiversity or environmental pressures to target further research and plan management and conservation measures

The Circumpolar Seabird Monitoring Plan helps implement the seabirds component of the Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program.

The Circumpolar Seabird Monitoring Plan is a companion document to the earlier Framework for a Circumpolar Seabird Monitoring Network.

Seabird Assessments

CBird has developed assessments on key knowledge needs to facilitate circumpolar implementation of initiatives to conserve and protect species of circumpolar importance.

Species Strategies

CBird has developed strategies to facilitate circumpolar efforts to conserve, protect and restore popuations of circumpolar importance.

Latest publications

thumb Quantifying the relative impact of hunting and oiling on Brünnich’s guillemots in the North-west Atlantic
thumb Developing a Program to Monitor Plastic Pollution in Seabirds in the Pan-Arctic Region
thumb International Black-legged Kittiwake Conservation Strategy and Action Plan
thumb State of the Arctic Marine Biodiversity Report (SAMBR) Update: Seabirds 2021 Update
thumb What’s the catch with lumpsuckers? A North Atlantic study of seabird bycatch in lumpsucker gillnet fisheries
thumb Review of Plastic Pollution Policies of Arctic Countries in Relation to Seabirds
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