Spoon-billed Sandpiper

Arctic Migratory Birds Initiative (AMBI)

AMBI is an Arctic Council initiative that conducts activities to help conserve populations of priority Arctic-breeding migratory birds in decline.

Many Arctic-breeding bird populations are declining at alarming rates. Birds face unevenly distributed threats around the globe and throughout entire migration routes. In the Arctic, birds encounter increasingly unpredictable effects of climate change and resulting changes in habitats and species interactions. Outside of the Arctic, illegal hunting, contaminants and pollution, and entanglement in nets and discarded fishing gear cause unknown levels of mortality around the globe. Key staging and wintering habitats are being lost to urbanization, development and rising sea levels. It is becoming harder for birds to find safety and sufficient food, and migrate and breed successfully to support the next generation.

International collaboration is necessary to understand how threats compound across locations, and to ensure conservation action is supported and reinforced at every location.

AMBI addresses knowledge gaps and conservation challenges to support healthy populations of migratory birds. AMBI works across major migration corridors—called flyways—to connect Arctic and non-Arctic actors to prioritize activities that benefit declining species of birds.

AMBI Priority Species

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