Female and male Common Eider

AMBI Circumpolar Flyway

In the Circumpolar Flyway, AMBI works with partners to address priority conservation issues including:

  • data collection and data input into habitat protection initiatives,
  • unsustainable harvest,
  • seabird bycatch in fisheries,
  • environmental pollution,
  • knowledge gaps, in particular to inform Snowy Owl conservation.

AMBI has identified 5 objectives and 14 actions in the flyway work plan.

AMBI Circumpolar Flyways Priority Species

AMBI Circumpolar Flyways Work Plan 2019-2025

Objective 1: Enhance data collection and data input into habitat protection initiatives

Action 1: Raise awareness and facilitate protection of key marine bird habitats that intersect with human activities using various regulatory and planning processes as appropriate to protect marine birds while they are at sea

Action 2: Support country participation in circumpolar collaborations on collection and synthesis of marine bird tracking data (including Ivory Gulls).

Action 3: Knowledge gap analysis of circumpolar seabird tracking studies

Objective 2: Harvest assessments and mitigation of unsustainable harvest

Action 1: Work with CBird to promote dialogue with authorities for management plans to combine the knowledge of status of hunted species between countries.

Action 2: Assess the population-level impact of seabird harvest in relation to other stressors

Action 3: Conduct/update holistic harvest studies for circumpolar regions of interest using approaches tailored to regional contexts as appropriate

Objective 3: Mitigate seabird and seaduck bycatch

Action 1: Initiate an overlap analysis for seabird bycatch in circumpolar region

Action 2: Continue discussions about mitigation measures with fisheries partners

Action 3: Support efforts to develop best practices for bycatch data collection

Action 4: Assess gill net bycatch for key species and regions

Objective 4: Address environmental pollution issues

Action 1: State of knowledge assessment for plastics in wildlife

Action 2: Work with Arctic Council countries and Permanent Participants, PAME and AMAP, to begin to address knowledge gaps

Objective 5: Support the activities and priorities of the International Snowy Owl Working Group (ISOWG)

Action 1: Publish a more precise global population estimate and assessment of population trends

Action 2: Implement wider-scale tracking of Snowy Owls throughout their range