Strategy and Workplan

CAFF's work is guided by the Arctic Council Ministers and Senior Arctic Officials, the CAFF Management Board, the Actions for Arctic Biodiversity strategic plan and biennial workplans.

Actions for Arctic Biodiversity

The Actions for Arctic Biodiversity: Implementing the Recommendations from the Arctic Biodiversity Assessment 2013-2023, provides the strategic framework under which CAFF activities are conducted.

This strategy document was approved by the Arctic Council Ministers and responds to the 2013 Kiruna Ministerial Declaration:

"Note with concern that Arctic biodiversity is being degraded and that climate change is the most serious threat, welcome the Arctic Biodiversity Assessment, the first Arctic-wide comprehensive assessment of status and emerging trends in Arctic biodiversity, approve its recommendations and encourage Arctic States to follow up on its recommendations, and instruct Senior Arctic Officials to ensure that a plan for further work under the Arctic Council to support and implement its recommendations is developed, and that a progress report is delivered to the next ministerial meeting."

CAFF Biennial Work Plans

CAFF's biennial work plans describe work that will be implemented over the coming year(s) during an Arctic State Chairmanship to fulfill the CAFF mandate. CAFF's Workplans are updated and agreed to at meetings of the CAFF Management Board, and subject to approval by Senior Arctic Officials and Ministers.

CAFF Biennial Work Plans

thumb CAFF Workplan 2021-2023
thumb One Arctic: Diversity of Life: Emphasis areas for the U.S. Chairmanship of CAFF, 2017-2019
thumb CAFF Work Plan 2015-2017
thumb CAFF Workplan 2013-2015

CAFF Founding Documents

thumb CAFF Communications Strategy
thumb Strategic Plan for the Conservation of Arctic Biological Diversity
thumb Cooperative Strategy for the Conservation of Biological Diversity
thumb CAFF Framework Document
thumb CAFF Expert Group Charters (CFG, CPAN and CBird)
thumb CAFF Operating Guidelines