The demand for accessible, current and accurate information on Arctic biodiversity is increasing. The CBMP strives to communicate biodiversity information - in audience preferred timelines, languages and scales - to those that require this information for decision making. Specific audiences include circumpolar policy- and decision- makers, natural resource managers, Arctic residents, northern communities, industry, non-governmental organizations and the scientific community. 

Northern communities and Arctic residents are a key target audience for the CBMP, as changes to Arctic biodiversity have a direct and significant impact on the livelihood of communities. Northern communities seek out products that include biodiversity indicators depicting regionally relevant status and trends information, summary reports and regional level predictive ecosystem maps, and models identifying anticipated changes to ecosystems in a specific region.

Decision-makers operate at multiple geographic scales and require accurate information on biodiversity status, trends, and causes of change in order to make the most informed decisions. Products designed to meet these needs include biodiversity indices and indicators (at various scales), ecosystem vulnerability assessments, policy recommendations, conservation plans, and predictive models. Education and outreach activities will be geared towards Arctic communities and focus on issues of community importance, such as climate change adaptation and the harvest of wild foods.

The scientific community is interested in comprehensive, detailed data. The Arctic Biodiversity Data Service are intended to be a main tool for this audience to compile findings and conduct analysis.

As the CBMP expands, communications activities will be reviewed to ensure relevance and utility for audiences. Overcoming challenges such as technological and language barriers will require an assessment of available resources and channels.



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