A key program area of the CBMP is to engage and build upon existing and historical monitoring in regions that are currently under-represented, or that might lack the capacity to sustain monitoring activities.

The CBMP can play a supporting role, providing assistance with the Arctic Biodiversity Data Service (ABDS), reporting, training, and other materials to help new programs develop and existing programs expand. The CBMP will ensure that data collected around the Arctic is coordinated, interpreted and given back to Arctic groups and communities for decision making.

Special importance is placed on supporting the capacity of community-based monitoring (CBM) efforts. No one bears closer witness to the dramatic changes taking place in the Arctic than the people who inhabit the region. Likewise, no one has a greater stake in the outcome of decisions made about the Arctic’s living resources. Drawing on personal experience, information shared with others, and knowledge handed down through the generations, Arctic residents recognize subtle environmental changes and offer insights into their causes.

Expert monitoring groups developed for marine, freshwater, terrestrial and coastal ecosystems will provide a forum to identify and share best monitoring practices and techniques amongst Arctic monitoring programs, including developing and integrating community-based monitoring approaches and analysis with other science-based approaches.

The CBMP is developing a series of training manuals to engage Arctic residents in monitoring activities. These manuals will highlight specific methods and techniques and encourage the adoption of these techniques across other regions and monitoring programs. An overarching training manual examining the full spectrum of successful and established CBM programs will also be developed to direct new program creation.


Community Based Monitoring Handbook

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