Eiders in polynya

Seabirds Expert Network

CAFF's Circumpolar Seabird Expert Network (CBird) provides information on the status and potential changes in seabirds and advice for monitoring.

CBird participates in the CBMP-Marine to advise on how to implement related components of the Arctic Marine Biodiversity Monitoring Plan. Seabirds have been identified as a Focal Ecosystem Component (FEC) in the Arctic Marine Biodiversity Monitoring Plan. FECs are key elements of the Arctic marine ecosystem. Changes in FECs status likely indicate changes in the overall marine environment.

Seabird FECs are:

  • Omnivores (Glaucous gull, Ivory gull)
  • Diving planktivores (Least auklet, Little auk)
  • Diving piscivores (Common murre, Thick-billed murre)
  • Surface piscivores (Black-legged kittiwake)
  • Benthivores (Common eider)