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Sea-ice Biota Expert Network

The Sea-ice Biota Expert Network of the CBMP-Marine provides information on the status and potential changes in sea ice biota biodiversity and advice for monitoring.

The Sea-ice Biota Expert Network of the CBMP-Marine is tasked with advising on how to implement related components of the Arctic Marine Biodiversity Monitoring Plan. Sea-ice biota have been identified as a Focal Ecosystem Component (FEC) in the Arctic Marine Biodiversity Monitoring Plan. FECs are key elements of the Arctic marine ecosystem. Changes in FECs status likely indicate changes in the overall marine environment.

Sea ice biota FECs are:

  • Prokaryotic microbes;
  • Ice algae and other protists;
  • Sea-ice meiofauna; and
  • Under-ice macrofauna.

Given the lack of regular and systematic monitoring of sea ice biota, we rely on data compilations and meta-analysis.

Sea ice biota publication list

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