What does the CBMP Muskox Expert Network do?

The CBMP Muskox Expert network is a collection of scientists and experts that advise on muskox-related monitoring and other requirements under the Arctic Terrestrial Biodiversity Monitoring Plan. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • identifying and recommending monitoring protocols, tools and approaches for monitoring and assessing muskox which lead to harmonized, integrated, robust circumpolar monitoring
  • supporting open sharing of muskox monitoring tools and protocols
  • contributing toward regional or circumpolar assessments of muskox abundance, distribution, demographics, health and other parameters
  • acting as a forum for sharing information and expertise on muskox
  • seeking  funding opportunities, participating in grant-writing or other activities that can contribute to the mutual goals of the network and improve muskox monitoring and assessment 


Who is the Muskox Expert Network?

(Kingdom of Denmark)
Greenland Institute of Natural Resources
Chair - Christine Cuyler
Aarhus University
Niels Martin Schmidt
Jesper Mosbacher
Rebecca Berg
Nuka Møller Lund

Government of Northwest Territories
Jan Adamczewski
Stephanie Behrens
Dean Cluff
Bruno Croft
Tracy Davidson
Heather Sayine-Crawford
Government of Nunavut
Mitch Campbell
 Conor Mallory
Lisa Marie LeClerc
Government of the Yukon
Mike Suitor
Matt Clarke
Anne Gunn
Parks Canada
Peter Sinkins
Ian McDonald
University of Calgary
Susan Kutz
Sylvia Checkle
Juliette Di Francesco
Fabien Mavrot
Matilde Tomaselli
University of Saskatchewan
Peter Flood
Laval University
Steeve Coté

Alexis Brodeur
Vicent Brodeur
Steeve Côté
Barrie Ford
Lilian Tran
Joëlle Taillon
David Gray
Environment Canada
Jason Duffe 
Mathieu Dumond
Aelxander R. Gruzdev
Taras Petrovich Sipko

Innokentiy Okhlopkov

Larisa Shelokhovskaya
Egor Kirillin
Marina Kholodova

Norwegian Environment Agency
Tord Bretton
Norwegian Institute for Nature Research
John Linnell
Bjørnar Ytrehus
Mike Ferguson
Carlos Das Neves

Government of Alaska
Tony Gorn
Patrick Jones
Beth Lenart
Phillip Perry
John Blake
Brynn Parr
Mark Austin
Kimberlee Beckmen
Pam Groves
Letty Hughes
Sigrun Robertson
Hillary Schram
Andrew (Andy) Dobber
Jim Lawler
Jan (Janice) Rowell
Fish and Wildlife Service

University of Montana
Joel Berger
Patricia Reynolds
Cynthia Hartway
Shirow Tatsuzawa

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