The Sea Ice Biota Expert Network is accumulating historical data from the literature and unpublished sources, and verifying the taxonomy of ice algae species.

Norway has funded a post-doctoral student to and work is underway to determine sea ice algae diversity and abundance, list macrofauna species and abundance, and meiofauna diversity. 

The network will use six indicators identified for the Russian-Norwegian Barents Sea region within the Atlantic Arctic Marine Area. Effort is underway to identify who is working with Arctic sea ice biota, and where. Publications are in progress.

For additional information on sea ice biodiversity please check out CAFF's report, Life Linked to Ice: a guide to sea-ice-associated biodiversity in this time of rapid change


Sea ice biota publication list 


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Michel Poulin
Canadian Museum of Nature

Eric Collins
University of Manitoba


Thomas Juul Pedersen

 Greenland Institute of Natural Resources


Bodil Bluhm*

University of Tromso


Igor Melnikov

P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology


Eric Collins

University of Alaska Fairbanks

 * indicates current lead(s)


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