14542468 1221567901234402 1999948070170201948 oThe Freshwater Steering Group (FSG) of the Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program (CBMP) is responsible for the implementation of the Arctic Freshwater Biodiversity Monitoring Plan, one of the four pan-Arctic biodiversity monitoring plans developed by the CBMP to improve the detection and understanding of the causes of long-term change in the composition, structure and function of Arctic ecosystems. The FMG is a forum for scientists, community experts and managers to promote, facilitate, share and coordinate research and monitoring activities.


The FMG´s goal is to promote, facilitate, coordinate and harmonize freshwater biodiversity monitoring activities among circumpolar countries and to improve ongoing communication amongst and between scientists, community experts, managers and disciplines both inside and outside the Arctic. It does so through the development and implementation of the Arctic Freshwater Biodiversity Monitoring Plan.


To develop a multi-disciplinary, integrated, pan-Arctic long-term freshwater biodiversity surveillance assessment that:

  • Responds to identified science questions and user needs;
  • Identifies an essential set of indicators for freshwater ecosystems that are suited for measurement and implementation on a circumpolar level;
  • Creates a strategy for the use and organization of existing research and operational monitoring capacity and information (scientific, community-based, and TK);
  • Establishes and promotes effective communication and linkages among Arctic freshwater researchers and monitoring groups;
  • Identifies key abiotic parameters, relevant to freshwater biodiversity, that need ongoing monitoring;
  • Addresses current gaps in coverage (elemental, spatial and temporal); and
  • Identifies a core set of standardized protocols and optimal sampling strategies for monitoring Arctic freshwaters.

To facilitate implementation of the long-term monitoring plan and reporting on the state of circumpolar Arctic freshwater ecosystems by:

  • Developing a global network of Arctic freshwater biodiversity monitoring sites through preparation of inventory lists, interactive maps and online forums;
  • Establishing a state-of-the art biodiversity monitoring plan for the circumpolar Arctic focused on early warning of environmental change;
  • Defining and standardizing efforts of sampling, data collection, and taxonomic identification;
  • Assessing current status of biodiversity and biodiversity monitoring in the Arctic and forecasting future changes in Arctic freshwater biodiversity;
  • Producing value-added integration among researchers and disciplines through assessments (e.g., Arctic Biodiversity Assessment), co-authored scientific publications, and data sharing;
  • Deliver the information to stakeholders and contributors that provided TK (local communities), and scientific data (scientific community); and
  • Preparing outputs to trigger policy response to changes in Arctic biodiversity through international synthesis reports and ad-hoc reports aimed at policy makers; and
  • To foster new research initiatives to improve environmental prediction for Arctic freshwaters.


FSG Members

  • Sweden: Willem Goedkoop, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Canada: Joseph Culp, Environment and Climate Change Canada, alternate: Jennifer Lento, University of New Brunswick
  • Finland: Petri Liljaniemi, Ministry of the Environment
  • Kingdom of Denmark: Kirsten S. Christoffersen, University of Copenhagen
  • Russia: Elena Fefilova, Institute of Biology Komi Science Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences 
  • Iceland: Jón S. Ólafsson, Marine and Freshwater Research Institute
  • Norway: Steinar Sandoy, Norwegian Environment Agency
  • US: Chris Zimmerman, United States Geological Survey
  • AMAP: Janet Pawlak, AMAP Secretariat
  • CBMP Chairs: Tom Christensen, Aarhus University-Arctic Research Centre and Catherine CoonBureau of Ocean Energy Management 

Arctic States

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Permanent Participants

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