The Coastal Expert Monitoring Group’s (CEMG) goal is to promote, facilitate, coordinate and harmonize coastal biodiversity monitoring activities among circumpolar countries and Permanent Participants, and to improve ongoing communication amongst and between scientists, community experts, traditional knowledge holders, managers and disciplines both inside and outside the Arctic.

The CEMG published the Arctic Coastal Biodiversity Monitoring Plan(ACBMP) in 2019.

Following the publication of the ACBMP, the Coastal Steering Group (CSG) was established to further the efforts of the Coastal Monitoring Program – namely to develop an implementation plan for the monitoring plan that identifies timelines, costs, organizational structure and partners.


Coastal Steering Group (CSG) Members









Tahzay Jones
National Park Service


Donald McLennan 
Canadian High Arctic Research Station

Kingdom of Denmark


Susse Wegeberg
Aarhus University


Maria Pettersvik Arvnes
Norwegian Environment Agency


Liudmilla Sergienko
Petrozavodsk State University


Sunna Björk Ragnarsdóttir

Icelandic Institute of Natural History



Carolina Behe
Inuit Circumpolar Council




Saami Council

Saami Council logo

Beaska Niillas

Saami Council

CBMP Co-Chair representative

Tom Christensen
Aarhus University- Arctic Research Centre

Catherine Coon
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management


Kári Fannar Lárusson

*indicates current lead/co-lead


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