The CBMP is in the process of developing the Arctic Biodiversity Data Service (ABDS) the online data portal that will access, integrate, analyze, and display biodiversity information from many circumpolar sources. 


This system will allow for the combination of geo-referenced data at various spatial, temporal, and taxonomic scales (e.g., populations, regions, nations, circumpolar, biomes, habitats) allowing users to explore relationships and factors driving change.


The ABDS will provide a dynamic source for up-to-date Arctic biodiversity information and emerging trends, and serve as a focal point and common platform for all participating networks.



Consolidating the vast amount of disaggregated data across all Arctic sub-regions and biomes will improve access to biodiversity status and trends information and promote a deeper understanding of inter-relationships at the local, regional, circumpolar and global scale.


All information within the web-based data portal will be in the public domain. Data management will be in accordance with the Conservation Commons and the International Polar Year (IPY) data policies.


The CBMP’s ABDS will be developed as follows:

  • Initial pilot projects will be launched to develop web-user interface for data entry and web software for accessing, integrating and depicting data in real-time. A set of ten Arctic biodiversity monitoring networks (and related indicators) will be selected for Phase 1 development based on readiness to participate.
  • A core set of consistent schemas, standards and platforms will be developed for the Phase 1 networks. The developed platforms will allow for the real-time transmission of data between disaggregated data servers to an integration platform (web-based data portal) that integrates, analyses and disseminates information on Arctic biodiversity trends based on the CBMP indicators and indices. Resources and expertise will be required at the data source point to develop standardized databases. A workshop will be convened to develop a consensus-based approach to data standards, schemas and platforms for consistent data management and effective analyses of CBMP indicators.
  • Query outputs will be developed at various levels of detail (i.e., from broad indices to indicators to population and sub-population or regionally specific trends).
  • Application interface software will be developed to run the user interface component of the web-based portal.

Arctic Species Tends Index

Another key source of data is the Arctic Species Trend Index. This CBMP-commissioned project tracked over 1000 datasets and displays trend information for 35% of Arctic vertebrate species. A series of assessments are ongoing.



Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure

The CBMP is also involved in the creation of the Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure project, which, in cooperation with national mapping agencies, will create a harmonized map of the entire Arctic region



CAFF is exploring the integration of data with the existing Arctic Council ArcticData Portal, a data-sharing partnership between CAFF and the Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment (PAME). On ArcticData, users can access information on:



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