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Photo: Sarah Lockwood, Diamond Mine

The following activities reflect areas where there is strong existing support, align with and deliver on CAFF’s mandate and strengths, and avoid duplication with other efforts so as to achieve innovative and useful results.

  1. Map Arctic mining activities, potentially including full lifecycle considerations, and their relationship to biodiversity.

  2. Develop one or more brief overviews of the different types of mining taking place, or likely to emerge, in the Arctic and potential impacts on biodiversity of various approaches and processes related to these operations.

  3. Refine existing approaches and implement new opportunities for collection and sharing biodiversity data related to mine planning and operations.

  4. Collate & share good practices and lessons learned.

  5. Conduct ongoing outreach and engagement to inform people about the MBAM project, disseminate products when developed, and invite more partners to contribute.

  6. Incorporate other potential project ideas based on organizational, national, or other priorities from CAFF members.

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