Community Based Monitoring

Community Based Monitoring

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Project Summary: Bering Sea Sub-Network II

This document summarizes the work of the Bering Sea Sub-Network (BSSN) II project, which provided a means for remote Indigenous villages around the Bering Sea to communicate their observations about the environment and subsistence harvest.

Traditional Knowledge and Community based Monitoring Progress Report

A progress report to the Arctic Council Ministerial meeting, Iqaluit, Canada, April 2015 on CAFF's traditional knowledge and community-based monitoring work.

Arctic Traditional Knowledge and Wisdom: Changes in the North American Arctic

This report, written in large part by Arctic indigenous peoples, acknowledges the importance of including Arctic indigenous peoples Traditional Knowledge and Wisdom (TK&W) in scientific efforts to fully understand the nature of biodiversity and biodiversity changes in the North.

How to Include Community Based Monitoring and Traditional Knowledge into the SAON Process- a Proposal on Ways Forward

Proposals from the Sustaining Arctic Observing Network (SAON) Steering Group on how to incorporate community based monitoring and traditional knowledge into the SAON process.

ECORA: Lessons Learned

Lessons learned from the ECORA project, acase study to adopt and implement integrated ecosystem management strategies and action plans in three Model Areas representing different ecosystems and anthropogenic pressures in Russia.

ECORA: An Integrated Ecosystems Management Approach to Conserve Biodiversity and Minimise Habitat Fragmentation in Three Selected Model Areas in the Russian Arctic

The ECORA project aimed to secure the integrity of some of the world’s last remaining pristine areas and support the livelihoods of indigenous and local peoples. The development objective of the project was the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in the Russian Arctic. The immediate objective was the adoption and initial implementation of integrated ecosystem management strategies and action plans in three Model Areas representing different ecosystems and anthropogenic pressures.

Available in Russian/на русском языке

A Strategy for Facilitating and Developing Community-based Monitoring: Approaches in Arctic Biodiversity Monitoring

A strategy for integrating Arctic community-based monitroing efforts into the Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program (CBMP). 

Available in Russian / на русском языке

CBMP Five Year Implementation Plan: Developing an Integrated and Sustained Arctic Biodiversity Monitoring Network

Description of the main activities and focus of the Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program (CBMP) from March 2008-2013.


Available in Russian / на русском языке

The Conservation Value of Sacred Sites of Indigenous People of the Arctic: A Case Study in Northern Russia

A report arguing for the holistic approach to sacred sites management by exploring case studies in the Yamal and Koryak Autonomous Okrus.

Aleut Ethnobotany: An Annotated Bibliography

An initial examination of the literature pertaining to the traditional, historical, and contemporary Aleut use of plant resources.

Community-based Monitoring Discussion paper

A discussion for the development of a community-based monitoring component to the CBMP and examination of monitoring programs under development by the Permanent Participants of the Arctic Council.

Community Based Monitoring Handbook: Lessons from the Arctic and Beyond

A broad assessment of community based monitoring for diverse audiences that explores different community based monitoring programs in an effort to highlight the best and most successful practices of each. It is also designed for use as a framework for custom-tailoring specific community-based monitoring projects, and as an application to monitoring efforts in non-Arctic regions.


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