Aleut Ethnobotany: An Annotated Bibliography

Aleut Ethnobotany: An Annotated Bibliography

An initial examination of the literature pertaining to the traditional, historical, and contemporary Aleut1 use of plant resources.  The annotations are specifically designed to present concise evaluations of the usefulness of particular works for providing information regarding the ways in which plant materials (including wood, flowers, roots, grass, and so on) were utilized by Aleuts. Three types of information were recorded for each reference: (1) the kinds of plant uses reported (e.g., raw materials, medicine, food, and spiritual) and the specific plants used; (2) the nature of the data used in each reference (e.g., archaeological, ethnohistoric, ethnographic, oral history, linguistic, etc.); and (3) basic documentation for the reference (e.g., author, title, date, villages and islands covered, etc.).

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