The State of Protected Areas in the Circumpolar Arctic 1994

The State of Protected Areas in the Circumpolar Arctic 1994

This report is divided into three main parts. Part one provides information on the various types of habitat classification in the Arctic countries and an overview of the Portected Areas System in each of the countries. Included are descriptions ofthe methods used for site designation and the legal and administrative instruments in place. Facilities and the types of activity within the protected areas of each country are also described, Several countries have identified gaps in their protected area system and these have been reported on. As well, part one introduces topics of threats, btoh actual and potential, to Arctic habitats and habitat conservation outside protected areas. Part two of the report consistes of a directory of protected areas of the Arctic, on a country by country basis. Part three of the report consists of literature, references and appedices, and also includes a submission by the non-governmental organization community on its recommendations for habitat protection in the Arctic.

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