Mid-Continental Flyway Shorebird Conservation Strategy Workshop

29-10-2019 - 30-10-2019

The Mid-continental Flyway Shorebird Conservation Strategy Workshop is being held in Panama City, October 29-30, 2019 to advance the planning of the Mid-Continental Flyway Strategy.

The Mid-continental regions of North and South America provide critical breeding, migration stopover and nonbreeding habitat for numerous resident and migratory shorebirds. 55% percent of 45 shorebird populations using the midcontinent region of Canada and the United States demonstrate long-term declines, whereas only 9% show increases. In South America, several Andean and interior lowland shorebirds are considered globally Near Threatened. Despite the clear conservation needs of a suite of shorebird species using habitats in the midcontinent regions of North and South America, a comprehensive, strategic framework for shorebird conservation is lacking.

CAFF and Manomet are organizing a workshop to advance the planning of the Mid-continental Flyway. During 1.5 days some 20 shorebird experts from along the central regions of North and South America will meet to discuss the first stages for the preparation of the Mid-continental Flyway Strategy. At the end of the meeting the group would have agreed on the scope, geography and focal species the Mid-continental Flyway Strategy will focus on.

The Mid-continental Flyway workshop will be held at the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Group Meeting. This Meeting is a biennial convention of biologists, scientists, ornithologists, conservationists, and shorebird enthusiasts of the Western Hemisphere. The 8th meeting of the Group will be in Panama, 24-28 October 2019.

The Western Hemisphere Shorebird Group Meeting in Panama is the perfect setting to raise AMBI´s profile amongst conservationists and researches in the Western Hemisphere. Under the current Americas´ workplan AMBI is committed to support Mid-continental Flyway planning efforts to develop a strategy comparable to the Atlantic and Pacific Flyway strategies.

For inquiries please contact: Isadora Angarita Martínez at isadora [AT] caff [DOT] is





CBMP Coastal Steering Group meeting

02-11-2019 - 04-11-2019

Nuuk, Greenland

The CBMP Coastal Monitoring Plan was approved by the CAFF Board in February and published in May, 2019. This plan is unique in its inclusion of  Indigenous Knowledge, along with science-based monitoring approaches.

The purpose of this meeting is to generate a path forward for the development of the State of Arctic Coastal Biodiversity Report by coming to an agreement on implementation steps, establishing Coastal Expert Networks, sharing overviews of relevant ongoing programs, and formulating a plan for data structure and management.


Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Programme: Marine scoping workshop

05-11-2019 - 07-11-2019

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

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