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CAFF CBMP Pollinator Monitoring Virtual Workshop

22-02-2022 4:00 pm -8:00 pm

CAFF LOGO transparent GREENIn order to implement the monitoring recommendations of the State of the Arctic Terrestrial Biodiversity Report (START) thematic expert networks are needed to share information and increase communication on FEC monitoring. The goal of this workshop is to establish a Pollinator Expert Network to coordinate, implement, and report START-supported pollinator monitoring.


CAFF Board Meeting - Online meetings and in-person in Kittilä, Finland

08-03-2022 - 31-03-2022

caffThe next CAFF Board is scheduled to be held online for arctic states pps and observers:

  • March 8 (3-6 PM GMT)
  • March 15 (3-6 PM GMT)
  • March 22 (3-6 PM GMT) 

And in-person meeting in  Kittilä, Finland from March 28-31

Meeting documents: will be circulated 30 days in advance,  in accordance with the Arctic Council’s Working Groups Common Operating Guidelines.

Please register by February 15

Reidar Särestöniemi teoskuvia, kuvattu Särestössä 24.10.2015Ounasjoen aallot - Waves of the River Ounasjoki by Reidar Särestöniemi (1975), photographed by Arto Liiti.Reidar Särestöniemi painted the work Ounasjoen aallot to defend River Ounasjoki which was under risk of being harnessed for electricity production. Ounasjoki was important to Reidar and central this family farm Särestö, as a main transportation route, source of livelihood and to Reidar as a brother or a person, who's expressions he observed daily. The field trip during the Board meeting will include the Museum which comprises the home and old family farm, atelier, and gallery of Reidar

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