For more information on the SIN please download the SIN Concept Paper here

The Seabird Information Network (SIN) is a group of circumpolar seabird researchers that focus on the development of an online data entry and analysis system that will allow for circumpolar information to be contributed, mapped, and shared by scientists and monitoring programs around the Arctic. Data will be compiled to generate a circumpolar seabird colony assessment.

The SIN was the first mapping system to be incorporated under the Arctic Biodiversity Data Service (ABDS), the data mangement vision of the Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program (CBMP).  

Arctic countries share both seabird populations and the environmental stressors that threaten these populations; accordingly, there is a joint responsibility for the conservation of these animals. The management of transboundary species poses a daunting challenge, with technical solutions and support often lacking. This project is an important first step towards enhanced data sharing among scientists studying seabird populations; furthermore, the data portal and assessment technology models it will create could have applications for many other facets of circumpolar biodiversity research and monitoring. 




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