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Arctic Marine Biodiversity Monitoring Plan 2012 Implementation Update: The First Year

This one page summary (double-sided) provides an overview of the activities and progress made in 2012 to implement the Arctic Marine Biodiversity Monitoring Plan.

Arctic Biodiversity Trends 2010: Indicator #10, Arctic Sea Ice Ecosystems

>The status and trend of indicator species #10, Arctic sea-ice ecosystems, in the Arctic Biodiversity Trend 2010 report.

Arctic Sea ice Ecosystem: A Summary of Species that Depend on and Associate with Sea ice and Projected Impacts from Sea Ice Changes

A Concept Paper prepared for CAFF that describes several species which depend on sea ice for essential life functions including foraging, reproduction, protection from predators and cold water immersion, a platform for traveling, resting, and nursing, as well as some species that associate with sea ice for parts of the year. This paper specifically discusses ice algae and protists, Arctic cod, ivory gulls, thick-billed murres, spectacled and king eiders, polar bears, ringed seals, bearded seals, walruses, narwhals, beluga whales and bowhead whales.

Experts Workshop on Sea Ice Associated Biodiversity: Vancouver, Canada: March 22-24, 2011

Workshop goals were to: outline past trends and the current situation for sea ice-associated biodiversity and project what might happen in the future; consider issues facing sea ice-associated biodiversity and what actions might be required to adapt to or mitigate the effects of reduced availability of Arctic sea ice; outline a technical report on the effects of sea ice loss on ice-associated biodiversity and determine next steps.

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