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International Arctic Vegetation Database (IAVD): A Foundation for Pan-Arctic biodiversity Studies Concept Paper

The concept paper behind the International Arctic Vegetation Database (IAVD), and international project to produce a complete database on vascular plants, bryophytes and liches that exist in the Arctic.

Circumboreal Vegetation Map (CBVM): Mapping the Green Halo Concept Paper

The CBVM intends to produce an internationally agreed upon circumboreal vegetation map with a common legend and language for use in decision making.

Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure (ASDI): Concept Paper

Outlines the need for and the process to create an internationally agreed upon Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure that will provide for access to spatially related reliable information over the Arctic to facilitate monitoring and decision making. It is a pan-Arctic cooperative initiative based on input from the National Mapping Organisations of all eight Arctic Council countries.

Arctic States

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