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Circumpolar Arctic Vegetation Classification in Phytocoenologia

Reference: Walker, Donald A.; Daniëls, Fred J.A.; Matveyeva, Nadezhda V.; `ibík, Jozef; Walker, Marilyn D.; Breen, Amy L.; Druckenmiller, Lisa A.; Raynolds, Martha K.; Bültmann, Helga; Hennekens, Stephan; Buchhorn, Marcel; Epstein, Howard E.; Ermokhina, Ksenia; Fosaa, Anna M.; Heiðmarsson, Starri; Heim, Birgit; Jónsdóttir, Ingibjörg S.; Koroleva, Natalia; Lévesque, Esther; MacKenzie, William H.; Henry, Greg H.R.; Nilsen, Lennart; Peet, Robert; Razzhivin, Volodya; Talbot, Stephen S.; Telyatnikov, Mikhail; Thannheiser, Dietbert; Webber, Patrick J.; Wirth, Lisa M. 2017. Circumpolar Arctic Vegetation Classification. Phytocoenologia. DOI: 10.1127/phyto/2017/0192

The Alaska-Yukon Region of the Circumboreal Vegetation Map (CBVM)

The Circumboreal Vegetation Mapping (CBVM) project is an international collaboration among vegetation scientists to create a new vegetation map of the boreal region at a 1:7.5 million scale with a common legend and mapping protocol. This report and map contributes to the CBVM effort by developing maps of bioclimatic zones, geographic sectors with similar floristic variability, and vegetation in boreal Alaska, Yukon, northwestern British Columbia, and a mountainous portion of southwest Northwest Territoriestermed the Alaska-Yukon region. It further develops the mapping from the initial classification and proto-type mapping efforts for southwestern Alaska and western Canada to this broader area.

Arctic Vegetation Archive (AVA) Workshop: Krakow, Poland, April 14-16, 2013

Proceedings of the Arctic Vegetation Archive to develop a global database of Arctic vegetation plots.

Synthesis of the Circumboreal Vegetation Mapping (CBVM) legend discussion in Vladivostok, Russia , September 23- October 4, 2012

As part of the East Asian Flora Symposium, that took place in Vladivostok, Russia, from September 23 to 27 in 2012, a CBVM session was held on Thursday September 27. This documents provides a summary of the discussions and presentations.

CFG/CBVM Proceedings of the 7th International CFG Workshop: Akureyri, Iceland: January 28- February 3, 2011

A compilation of workshop papers, abstracts and summaries of the Circumboreal Vegetation Map (CBVM), the Global Research Initiative in Alpine Environments (GLORIA), the International Arctic Vegetation Database (IAVD), the red list of vascular plants and development of the Arctic Plant Portal.

CFG Second International Workshop on Circumpolar Vegetation Classification and Mapping

A list of abstracts and discussion from presentations during the Second International Workshop on Circumpolar Vegetation Classification and Mapping workshop.

CAFF Expert Group Charters (CFG, CPAN and CBird)

Outlines the goals, objectives, and descriptions of the Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF) Expert Working Groups: CAFF's Flora Group (CFG), the Circumpolar Seabird Working Group (CBird), the Circumpolar Protected Areas Network (CPAN).

CFG Progress Report 2006

A report to the CAFF Board on the progress of CFG activities during 2006.

CFG Progress Report 2003

A report to the CAFF Board detailing the progress of CFG activities during 2003. 

CFG Progress Report 2002

A report to the CAFF Board detailing progress on CFG activities during 2002.

CFG Progress Report 2005

A progress report for the CAFF Board summarizing CFG's 2005 activities.

Atlas of Rare Endemic Vascular plants of the Arctic

This documents the vascular flora of the Arctic to identify rare taxa endemic to the region, establish an annotated list of these taxa, and determine the level of protection currently afforded these plants.

CFG First International Workshop: Uppsala, Sweden: March 27-29, 2001

A compilation of abstractis, charter and recommendations presented at the CFG First International Workshop: Uppsala, Sweden: March 27-29, 2001.

CFG Fourth International Workshop: Tórhsavn, Faroe Islands: May 15-18, 2007

A compilation of abstracts presented at the meeting on topics including the Circumboreal Vegetation Map (CBVM), database generation, GLORIA, and the CircumArctic Vegetation Map (CAVM).

CFG-CBVM International Meeting: Uppsala, Sweden: April 1-3, 2009

A compilation of abstracts presented at the meeting on topics including the Circumboreal Vegetation Mapping (CBVM) project, Red Lists, and database development.

CFG-CBVM Fifth International Workshop Proceedings: Helsinki, Finland: November 3-6, 2008

A compilation of abstracts, charter and recommendations on the Circumboreal Vegetation Map (CBVM).

International Arctic Vegetation Database (IAVD): A Foundation for Pan-Arctic biodiversity Studies Concept Paper

The concept paper behind the International Arctic Vegetation Database (IAVD), and international project to produce a complete database on vascular plants, bryophytes and liches that exist in the Arctic.

Pan-Arctic Checklist of Lichens and Lichenicolous Fungi

A total checklist of lichens and lichenicolous fungi in the circumpolar Arctic and a preliminary list of rare and endemic lichens.

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