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State of the Arctic Terrestrial Biodiveristy Report - 3.3 Birds

47 BIRDS CAFF CBMP START May 2021 1State of the Arctic Terrestrial Biodiversity Report Chapter 3.3: Birds

Lead authors: Knud Falk, Paul A. Smith, Casey T. Burns

Contributing Authors: Anthony D. Fox, Alastair Franke, Eva Fuglei, Karl O. Jacobsen, Richard B. Lanctot, James O. Leafloor, Laura McKinnon, Hans Meltofte, Adam C. Smith, Mikhail Soloviev, Aleksandr A. Sokolov.

A Global Audit of the Status and Trends of Arctic And Northern Hemisphere Goose Populations

Goose Report P1 Final march22 web 1This is a review of the abundance, status and distribution of natural wild goose populations in thenorthern hemisphere. The report comprises three parts of which this report is part 1. Part 1summarises key findings from the study and themethodology and analysis applied; Part two will contain the individualaccounts for each of the 68 populations included in thisreport; and part 3 will provide the datasets compiled for this studywhich will be made accessible on the Arctic Biodiversity DataService. Part two and three are still to be published.

Note: The printed copy of this report contains errors, the digital version is correct

Framework for a Circumpolar Arctic Seabird Monitoring Network

A framework document for developing an integrated monitoring framework for seabirds.

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