Climate change is currently altering Arctic ecosystems and biodiversity. These ecosystem changes feed back to the climate system, with a potential to dampen or accelerate local to regional changes in climate and greenhouse gas emissions. The resulting impacts on ecosystem services, livelihoods and well-being are accelerating and will have far-reaching consequences for Arctic communities.

Led by Norway and the Kingdom of Denmark the over-arching objective of the joint CAFF and AMAP activity is to:Climate change is currently altering Arctic ecosystems and biodiversity and inform strategies for adaptation and resiliency. 

A Scoping Paper defining the framework for this initative was completed in 2020 and the project accepted at the 2021 Arctic Council Ministerial as part of the CAFF and AMAP workplans for the 2021-2023 Chairmanship period. The following figure illustrates the organizational framework within which the scoping process was undertaken. 





Arctic States

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Permanent Participants

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